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Statstrack provides the game-changing intelligence to help make in-game decisions and develop long term strategies for teams and individual players based on analytics. This, combined with statstrack’s video portal which automatically cuts the clips of game events makes statstrack an All in One tool for teams at all levels.

The Breakaway service at statstrack provides you with your own mini analytics team. Your work with a statstrack analyst begins with a preseason discussion to understand the team’s priorities for both the team and individual players, and is followed by monthly discussions and deep dive analysis reports on team performance.


Founded by Drake Berehowsky, Former NHL player and now professional coach, Drake developed statstrack to provide quantitative information to help him understand the performance of his team and players.

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Combining the best in hockey knowledge, statistics, and leading technology, Statstrack is the first cost-effective analytics software empowering hockey teams at all levels to easily track, quickly manage and measure game performance and see event video clips in real time.

Track Key Metrics

Statstrack records the important in-game stats, where and when they happen and who makes them happen.

Manage The Information

Statstrack organizes the data in real time to impact both in-game decisions and long term practice and game strategies.

iPad Reporting

Measure Performance

At the click of a button and in real time, Statstrack provides the hockey intelligence reports needed to analyze team and player performance.

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See Event Video Clips

All game events have their associated video clips with the capability to filter and to share.  Custom clips can also be created.

Gesture Based Tracking: No Learning Curve Required

Track key ‘in-game’ events, where and when they happen as well as how much time is spent in the offensive and defensive zones with easy to use gesture based tracking capability.

Insights for Players & Teams at the Click of a Button

Organize the hockey data collected to provide performance information for both individual players and teams with visual and simple to read customized reports.

Get the Reports You Need in Real Time

Analyze the data to provide hockey intelligence that players and teams need to make better tactical and strategic decisions all season. These insights are generated through a flexible reporting system that allows customized reporting.

Save time by getting automated clips of all events marked in real time


Statstrack is proudly endorsed by the NHLA. The NHL Alumni Association, founded in 1999 is devoted to harnessing the power of former professional hockey players in support of healthy communities across North America.


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The Jason Gregor Show (Podcast)

The Jason Gregor Show (Podcast)

Original Post/Podcast: Gregor Show - Drake Berehowsky - Aug 8 10th Overall Pick in the 1990 NHL Draft, Drake Berehowsky joins Gregor and Strudwick to kick off Analytics Week.  …

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Statstrack records the important in-game stats, where and when they happen and who makes them happen.

“Statstrack was an integral part of our hockey program last season.   They provided in-game tracking for all statistical events – for and against, produced between period reports and an overall game summary for the next day.  In-game stats delivered via heatmaps allowed our staff to make the necessary adjustments with our players, immediately affecting our results.   The tool itself allows for granular stats reporting that provided the foundation for our 10-game segment review with the entire team and our one-on-one meetings with our players.  In many cases, we were able to spot trends that weren’t aligned with our identity or our goals and get them addressed before they became problems.  I am excited to see what Statstrack has in store for future releases.

Trevor Peters, Head Coach/GC, Carleton Place Jr. Canadians

“As a Sport Management graduate from Brock University, taking statstrack’s analytics course gave me some background into the new way we are looking at the sport of hockey. This will be valuable took for me as I begin my career in the hockey industry. It is a worthwhile course for anyone interested in Hockey Opps.

Phil Giannini

“Statstrack has so much potential for hockey teams and coaches worldwide and most importantly this will become the way of the future. I strongly recommend all hockey teams should become prolific with this system if they want success.

Murray Caldwell

“Thank you to @statstrack for all their help this year with the Chiefs. A wonderful tool worth the price of admission. Nothing but good things to say about their team who took great care of us night in and night out. A big load off my shoulders in regards to statistic work.

Chris Baird, Spokane Chiefs

“It’s exceeded our expectations. It’s a great tool for the coaches. It’s where hockey is going in terms of analytics. It’s another tool that you give coaches so you can exceed expectations. Giving your players all the stats, everything that’s needed to perform at a top level.”

Tony Martindale, Organizer, 2015 OHL Gold Cup

“We’ve used Statstrack at UBC for two years and it’s been a gamechanger. The ability to pull up information instantly and put it in front of a player is a huge asset when you’re making decisions about ice time, roles, and opportunities. The information is colorful, organized, and easy to digest, which is crucial when you only have a few minutes between periods.

During year-end meetings, Statstrack is a powerful tool to use to assist with getting the message across. There’s info you can use to show a player what they’re doing well and there’s info you can use to help them get better in specific areas. The players appreciate it and so do the coaches.

Also, Mark Wilson, our man on the ground at the UBC Kevin Caravan, and the whole team is constantly looking for innovative new ways to improve and grow. We’ve really enjoyed that mindset because it’s one we share as coaches. “

Sven Butenschon (HC) & Kelvin Cech (AC), UBC Men’s

“Liked being able to access the stats immediately and bring it into the dressing room and use it as a tool to let the kids know how the game was going, where we trending and where we could make quick immediate changes to our game plan to win.”

Joey Simon, Milton Ice Hawks

“It’s immediate information and knowledge is power.”

Jim Mercer, Clarington Eagles

“Gives us an idea as a team to see where we were breaking down or excelling period by period during the game. After the game, time to breakdown the reports. Good, quick and easy tool.”

Angelo Cabanero, Toronto Red Wings

“I really like the in-between period stuff… especially the turnovers, hits, time in zones. I found that very beneficial for the coaching staff. And with the end of game reports, we sat as a staff and looked at it, and then we when we went over game film… we could identify some things that we needed to be aware of… it was very beneficial.”

Dean Dasilva, Kitchener Junior Rangers, Minor Midgets

“Provided lot of valuable information between periods that was very easily interpreted and conveyed to our players. Gave you detailed statistics you wouldn’t necessarily keep for a typical minor A team — possession in the offensive and defensive zone… stats that can be utilized to better your team during game time.”

Jeff Tool, Assistant Coach, Hamilton Huskies, Triple AAA


Founded by Drake Berehowsky, Former NHL player and now professional coach.



If there is someone who has the junior and professional hockey experience to know what’s it’s like to be coached and to coach, it’s Drake.




Danielle has 10+ years experience in sales and marketing. Most recently, she was responsible for the development of the go-to-market strategies for a number of leading product portfolios.

Phil Jameson

Phil Jameson

Director of Analytics and the Breakaway Program

Phil Jameson is a designated accountant (CGA, CPA) with a tremendous track record of leading companies through their growth phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers From Statstrack Founder and Former NHL Player Drake Berehowsky.

How does a former hockey player turned coach become a software developer?

The big breakthrough was accepting there was no easy or affordable way to solve my problems. That’s when I decided to figure out a way to track a game as fast as hockey in real-time and then quickly access reports and analyze the information. This would give coaches the actionable insights to determine how to best apply this knowledge.

What makes Statstrack unique and sets it apart from the few competitors in the market?

Firstly, our tracking technology using iPads is unparalleled, making it easy to keep up with a game as fast as hockey.

Secondly is the way we report data. None of our competitors have the filtering capabilities making it easy for coaches to get actionable insights about players and games in real-time. Nor does any other tool provide the trending and benchmarking reports required to manage all this information over the long term.

Finally, our team lives and breathes hockey and has the skill set to deliver a very hockey-centered solution. Further, with the addition of the statstrack video portal, teams can now have live to bench video clips and no additional support personnel are required to cut the video.  It is automatically done.

If the speed of hockey has been a barrier to tracking measureable data, then what role has technology played in the game of hockey thus far?

Technology plays a big role in the evolution of all sports, and in hockey there have been some real game-changers. Artificial ice and the Zamboni both forever changed the game. Technology in the manufacturing of equipment like sticks and skates continue to change player performance.

Video was one of the first technological innovations giving coaches a tool to more accurately capture and analyze data to improve a team’s success. Today, the quality of capturing video and leveraging it has drastically improved.

Statstrack understood the importance of video and has added a video portal component to its tool, which is both cost and time saving.  No longer do you need to spend time cutting video.  We do it for you as we mark the game’s events.  And even better, the clips can be easily shared.

How big an impact can Statstrack and similar technology have on the game?

Over the last 10 years, then there has been a growing emphasis from sports leagues to integrate technology and statistical data. The MIT Sloan Sport Analytics Conference held their 9th annual event with every major sports league in attendance.

In 2014, the Toronto Maple Leafs and SAS, the leader in business analytics, partnered to apply a data-driven approach from player performance to on-ice strategy to complement traditional decision-making. Most hockey organizations do not have the capital or need for a big expensive solution like the ones that SAS provide.

Statstrack is the first analytics software solution built specifically to track, manage and measure the game of hockey providing real-time, game-changing intelligence for teams at all levels. It has the potential to revolutionize the way we coach our players, the way we prepare for practices and games, and the way we make in-game decisions.

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