Over the past few seasons, statstrack has been excited to see teams embracing analytics as part of their coaching and development toolbox. We see this not only through team sales but also for people participating in statstrack’s analytics course.

We have, however, recognized that coaches don’t always have the resources or the gift of time to spend analyzing the data to find all the insights available from the data that can make them more effective on the ice.  At statstrack, we know that having those insights can make a big difference to both team and individual player performance.

So, statstrack’s BREAKAWAY service can help.

The Breakaway service at statstrack provides you with your own mini analytics team. Your work with a statstrack analyst begins with a preseason discussion to understand the team’s priorities for both the team and individual players, and is followed by monthly discussions and deep dive analysis reports on team performance.

In addition, statstrack will provide a 10 game trend report for both the team and individual players. And when playoffs are about to begin, statstrack will provide a first round pre playoff analysis.

Of course, the statstrack analyst will also be available for any emergency reviews that are required. Please reach out to us to discuss how you can take your competitive advantage to the next level.

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