(Toronto) – Statstrack – the first hockey analytics software that easily tracks, and quickly manages and measures game performance in real-time for teams at all levels – receives rave reviews at the 2015 Gold Cup.

“The Gold Cup is a very prestigious tournament attended by some of junior hockey’s most talented and influential coaches, organizers and league officials,” says StatsTrack Founder, Drake Berehowsky, a former NHL player and professional coach.

“After launching StatsTrack in January, we knew proving the value of our software by pilot testing it with the most discerning hockey elite, and getting their approval would provide an incredible amount of credibility. I’m so pleased by the glowing reviews and thankful for the additional feedback we received to help improve our product.”

Combining the best in hockey knowledge, statistics, and leading technology, StatsTrack is the first simple, cost-effective analytics solution providing game-changing intelligence that can revolutionize how to coach; how to prepare for games and practices; how to make in-game decisions; and how to develop longer-term strategies to win more games.

“It’s exceeded our expectations. It’s a great tool for the coaches. It’s where hockey is going in terms of analytics. It’s another tool that you give coaches so you can exceed expectations. Giving your players all the stats, everything that’s needed to perform at a top level,” said Tony Martindale, Organizer of the 2015 OHL Gold Cup.

“I liked being able to access stats immediately and bring it into the dressing room and use it as a tool to let the kids know how the game was going, where we trending, and where we could make quick immediate changes to our game plan to win,” said Joey Simon, Milton Ice Hawks.

Launched in January 2015, StatsTrack was developed by former NHL player and professional hockey coach Drake Berehowsky and his sister Danielle, who oversaw a veteran team of digital and technology specialists, while receiving valuable counsel from numerous professional hockey players, coaches and scouts. Since then, StatsTrack has been endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association, and ‘pilot tested’ at several hockey tournaments to rave reviews.

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