(Toronto) – Combining the best in hockey knowledge, statistics, and leading technology, StatsTrack is the first hockey analytics software that easily tracks, and quickly manages and measures game performance in real-time for teams at all levels.

“Data-centric technology will be one of hockey’s greatest game-changers, but a simple, cost-effective solution has yet to be introduced… until now,” says StatsTrack Founder, Drake Berehowsky, a former NHL player and professional coach.

Early in his coaching career, Berehowsky identified challenges that still exist today, including: i) accurately tracking a game as fast as hockey using manual inputting of data on paper; ii) quickly accessing data to make in-game decisions; and iii) easily managing historical data to measure and analyze to improve long-term team performance.

“I wanted way to quantify as much as possible and with nothing available in the market, I decided to develop StatsTrack,” explains Berehowsky. “It’s designed to provide game-changing intelligence that can revolutionize how to coach; how to prepare for games and practices; how to make in-game decisions; and how to develop longer-term strategies to win more games.”

Berehowsky developed StatsTrack with his sister Danielle, who oversaw a veteran team of digital and technology specialists, while receiving valuable counsel from numerous professional hockey players, coaches, scouts and administrators.

“There is no other tool like this in the market. Our tracking technology is unparalleled. Our real-time data reports are a true competitive advantage, with powerful filtering, trending and benchmark capabilities,” said Danielle. “The hardest part was to develop the tool. The fun part is hearing how StatsTrack is positively being received.”

StatsTrack is an innovative hockey analytics software solution developed to give organizations at every level, game-changing intelligence. By tracking, measuring and managing game performance, StatsTrack empowers teams with the real-time statistics to help make decisions on how to win more games and improve player performance.

StatsTrack has been endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association, and is currently being considered for ‘pilot tests’ at several hockey tournaments.

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